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August Story Time Box

August Story Time Box

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Our theme for August is CREATIVITY 🎨 For this theme we chose the book Willow written by a sister duo Denise Brennan-Nelson and Rosemarie Brennan. Illustrated by Cyd Moore. The story is about an art teacher named Miss Hawthorn who likes everything neat and tidy and wants things to be painted how they look in real life. Then there’s her student Willow, who is the exact opposite. She is messy, imaginative, and creative. It’s fun to see how Willow impacts Miss Hawthorn and it shows the importance of creativity and kindness.

In the boxes we included art supplies. We encouraged the children to use their imagination on what they paint on the canvases. In the words of Willow - paint whatever you see when you close your eyes!
Also included is an activity booklet, vocabulary list, and a question guide to prompt discussion about the story.

Locals will receive a free play pass!


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