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July Story Time Box

July Story Time Box

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Our Story Time Box theme for July is Authenticity. For this theme, we chose the book Pirates Don't Dance by Shawna J.C. Tenney! You can use this book to teach your children to stay true to themselves, regardless of the pressure they may be under to act otherwise.

We love this book because of the message it sends to children, the beautiful illustrations, and the two things it includes - pirates and dancing!

Children will create a treasure chest after they read the story. Included is an egg carton, brown paint, paintbrush, construction paper, gems, and treasure for the inside! There is also a pirate coloring book included.

The activity is a treasure hunt for outside treasures! There is a treasure map included. My children wrinkled their paper up before the hunt to make it look like a real treasure map. ☺️

Also included is a list of vocabulary words from the book and a question guide to spark discussion about the story. The book also includes pirate and ballet terms in the back! My children had so much fun practicing the ballet moves and talking like a pirate!

Locals will receive a free play pass with every box!

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